PC Upgrades

Saltash & Plymouth

Upgrading your PC is the best way to build up a great computer experience, whether for business, gaming or graphic design.

Upgrading components as and when you need to is the cheapest future proof method of staying current with PC Technology.

We will advise on the upgrade paths available for your PC and guide you through the upgrade selection process.

Our Hardware Upgrade Services include memory and processor upgrades, power supplies, graphic and sound cards, motherboards, cooling systems and hard drives to mention some.

Upgrades are long lasting investments and your future requirements are always considered first.

We make sure to work within your budget and help you to make the right upgrade choices.

PC & Laptop Memory Upgrades

Memory (RAM)

RAM or memory upgrades can increase not only the capacity of your working memory but also the speed in which the RAM communicates with other components on the board.

Ram upgades are limited to the motherboards capabilities but can make your PC seem very fast if room allows.

Hard Drive Upgrades

Hard Drives

There are two main reasons to upgrade a hard drive on your Laptop or PC. Firstly you can add more storage space for photos and files etc.

Secondly you can increase the speed in which the hard drive transfers data to and from memory.

Graphic Card Upgrades

Graphic Cards

Modern Graphic Cards often come with large amounts of memory built in therefore freeing up your RAM. This brings great benefits to gaming, business and home user systems.

Upgrading your graphics card will give a performance boost in buffering videos and drawing graphics to your screen.

Motherboard Upgrades


When your motherboard has been upgraded to the max it is time to consider a new one!

Many of the components you already have may be migrated to the new board.

This is not always possible but with foresight an upgrade plan should allow for this occasion.

Motherboard upgrades allow for even more capacity and abilities.

Processor Upgrades


As long as your motherboard and BIOS allows your processor to be upgraded then system performance will be enhanced by an upgrade.

For speed to be increased depends on the speed of other components on the board such as the RAM.

A processor upgrade can be an expensive venture and involve upgrading other components such as the motherboard and cooling system.

PC Fan & Cooler Upgrades

PC Fans & Coolers

The more your PC works the more heat is created which in turn can lead to freezing and eratic behavior.

The only answer is to tune the cooling system on your PC. This can include fans, gas and liquid cooled systems.

Cooling a PC correctly when overclocking is vital for success!

Power Supply Upgrades

Power Supplies

Adding new computer parts or upgrading computer parts can lead to more wattage or amps being required.

This leads to strange system errors such as spontaneous rebooting. We can test your system and advise when your power supply is a necessary upgrade.

Another reason to upgrade your computers power supply is noise. Often better designed units are very quiet and have a higher economic efficiency.

Sound Card Upgrades

Sound Cards

Sound is a personal experience and there are many reasons to upgrade.

For musicians it may be clarity and precision, for movie buffs it could be features such as surround sound.

A superior sound card will make recording higher clarity too.

Some sound cards allow you to connect to your HI-FI system for a deeper experience.

PC Tower Case Upgrades

PC Tower Units

If your tower unit has become crowded then upgrading may be the next option.

If a larger unit is available then you can open yourself up to more components in the future and perhaps get a fancy unit at the same time.

A good tower case will give better cooling abilities too!

We can also install and fit new DVD and Blue Ray Drives or any other Interface Card you have! Whatever your PC requirements our local computer repair services are here to help.