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Recovery Services

Whether you have emptied your recycle bin of important files, photos or MP3 music etc. Even if you have formatted your hard drive, forgotten your password or a virus has corrupted your file system then we can help.

Although there is never a guarantee that your lost data can be recovered, most data can be recovered using our sophisticated data recovery hardware and software accompanied by our in depth hacking techniques!

Data Recovery Services Saltash & Plymouth

A brief overview of our health check services include the following.

Sometimes your data may not be accessible due to various easily fixed physical problems such as a broken cable or bent pins. Other more serious data loss can be due to a hard drives internal parts being broken or damaged.

We will advise you on best practices to stop future losses such as using cloud hosting services or backup devices and we can show you how to use these technologies effectively.

Here are some common causes of data loss but you may have a differrent issue so please get in touch and we will see if we can help recover your data.

Misuse or environmental damage

Dropped your hard drive or got it wet? Maybe you knocked your system and shocked the hard drive...

Backup before you do!.

Mains Power Surge

It is common knowledge that a power surge can kill electronic parts. This includes on your hard drive PCB too!

Consider a surge protector.

Recycle Bin emptied?

If your recycle bin has been emptied or files were deleted in error do not defragment your drive, but do give us a call.

The recycle bin is not your last chance!

Incorrectly Formatted Hard drives

An incorrectly formatted hard drive can seem like the end of your data. Do not despair as this is not usually the case.

There is a way to unformat...

Forgotten or Lost Passwords

Loosing or forgetting your password does not mean that your data cannot be accessed. Usually we can recover your account too!

Open Sesame :)

Corrupted File System

A corrupted file system or boot sector can stop windows starting and cause further corruption leading to loss of data.

Corrupt systems always fail!..