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Malware comes in many forms and the term generally refers to any software or script that is malicious or works against the users best interests.

These programs are created by hackers who wish to either make money from adverts, steal your information and even your computer resources.

Some malware like trojan horses, worms and botnets slow your computer down dramatically, are often hard to detect by the user and require deep system scans to find.

Our deep virus & malware removal service, scans not only the file system but also your memory, registry and boot sector for a more protected PC.

Virus & Malware Removal Services Saltash & Plymouth

Vishing, Phishing, Whaling and Smishing are on the rise and can often lead to unwanted software being installed or credentials leaked.

These kinds of attacks use advanced methods of deciet to trick users into giving away information, either via the phone, emails or SMS. We can advise and help protect you from such attacks.

With so many different malware trying to gain access to your sensitive data it is important to get regular checks as anti-virus software often do not remove all threats.

Our Cyber security services are thorough and we use many methodologies often overlooked by even the best technicians.

Virus Infections

Self replicating Viruses that live within your web browser, windows itself or your memory hit performance and increase security risks.

Disinfect and remove offenders.


Spyware is unwanted software that infiltrates your computer and steals your internet usage data, passwords and other personal credentials.

Cybercrime is a crime!


Adware is a script usually caught from the web that displays advertisements on your computer and redirects your search requests to advertising websites.

Adblockers do not remove Adware!


A Rootkit is a very hard to detect malicious software used to gain administrator level access to your computer or network, hijacking your PC and identity.

Who is using your PC?

Trojan Horses

Disguised as other software and unlike a virus, Trojan horses do not replicate themselves but they can be just as destructive and can impair computer usage.

Greek Odyssey


Cybercriminals that create trojans like Cryptowall, Cryptolocker and TeslaCrypt hold to ransom their victims and ask for payments often via BitCoin.

Do Not Pay!


Keyloggers literally log every stroke on your keyboard giving the hacker all your information via the web.

Found one? Disconnect now!