PC Health Checks

Saltash & Plymouth

PC MOT & Service

To avoid downtime a regular computer health checkup or MOT is always advised. If you are suffering from annoying popups or a slow PC then now is the time to get it serviced.

Optimising the perfomance of your computer will not only make you achieve tasks quicker but will also prolong the life of your PC.

Computers soon become full of unwanted programs running on startup or simply bloated software that is hogging system resources.

Our computer health and security checks leave no stone unturned. We will update your computer, remove all unwanted processes and clean your system for you inside and out.

We will test to see what upgrades are required if any and advise accordingly.

Our health checks include freeing up space on your hard drive and making sure it is functioning correctly.

If you have any concerns with your PC then we will aid in rectifying those issues as part of the checkup.

We offer an advanced tune up service and requires us to put the PC on our bench for a day or so to carry out probing tests. We also carry out laptop repairs and servicing.

PC Health checks Saltash & Plymouth

A brief overview of our health check services include the following.

  • Virus Scan and clean
  • Spyware scan and clean
  • Remove cached unused info, clean up hard disk
  • Defragment hard disk
  • Perform any critical updates
  • Test all hardware components (inc power supply)
  • Clean pc internally and externally
  • Check and re-seat all cables (internal)
  • Give advice on keeping system clean and protected and secure
  • Give advice on any upgrades (usually memory/hard disk)

Advanced Virus Check

Advanced detection and protection against viruses, spyware, trojans and other malware.

Scan, clean and disinfect your PC.

Speed Test & Tune-up

We perform many PC speed tests and boost your performance to the max!

Reduce task time.

Software Updates

Windows and other crucial software will be updated to keep your system running safe and current.

Stay up to date and safe from vulnerabilities.

Security Check

Deep security PC and network scans and lock downs to keep your data safe.

You can never be too secure!

System Restore Check

Make sure your PC is recoverable in case of a catastrophe and reduce the risk of system loss.

Recovery is a backup plan!

Comprehensive Hardware Checks

Find failing components before they cause major disruption. Testing hard drives, CPU, memory and more...

Advanced Diagnosis.

Valet inside & Out

Stay free of dust and keep your computer running cool and quiet.

Parts last longer!