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These terms and conditions are governed by UK Law and represent the Terms and conditions of Tamar Solutions.

In these terms , "we" means Tamar Solutions (and "us" and "our" will be construed accordingly); and "you" means our customer or potential customer for products and/or services (and "your" will be construed accordingly).



This is for diagnosis only and the install of updates to the operating system with recomended security patches and service packs, cleaning of the computer and basic housekeeping tasks. If any faults are found while carrying out the healthcheck, we will advise you of these faults and any work and/or parts required to rectify the fault(s). If you require us to fix these faults then further repair charges and parts costs will apply.


All repairs and/or upgrades will be completed to the direction of the fault(s) described on the "Check in Receipt" which will be issued on receipt of the PC to be fixed. It is the customers responsibility to describe all faults they wish repaired when filling out the "check in receipt". no other faults will be repaired unless they are obvious to our engineers and this remains at our discretion. If you wish for further faults to be looked for other that what is described on the check in receipt, then a health check will be charged in addition to the repair costs.


All repairs and/or upgrades will be completed to the direction of the fault(s) described verbally by the customer on the engineers arrival. It is the customers responsibility to advise the engineer of all faults that require attention. However, we will advise if we detect further faults. By making an onsite appointment with us to visit for the purposes of computer services, you agree to give at least 24 hours notice to cancel this appointment. If no attempt to contact us has been made, then we will charge a minimum of one hours onsite labour charge to cover costs etc.

VIRUS & MALWARE (malicious software) REMOVAL.

By design, viruses and other malware try to avoid detection and removal in order to maximize its effectiveness. Many new viruses and variants are reported on a daily basis and therefore can be difficult to detect and equally remove. We run at least three different products to detect and aid removal of infections and further more use our experience to manually remove some threats. In rare cases, viruses can re-infect the machine as they have inbuilt stealth capabilities to avoid detection. Due to this, we can not fully guarantee that the infected computer is 100% clean. If the same virus or malware infection that was detected on initial investigation is reported to us within 3 days from us returning the computer to you, then we will re-investigate this further without charge. If necessary, we may have to involve 3rd party virus software vendors to assist in its detection and removal by submitting data containing configuration information of the infected machine. Failure to report this re-infection to us within this time will result in a further full repair fee being charged for removal. This remains at our discretion.


All goods remain the property of Tamar Solutions until paid for in full. Title of goods shall not pass to the customer until payment for the goods has been received in full and any cheques/payments received by the company as payments for goods and or services, have been cleared by our bank

All Parts carry a 12 (twelve) Month warranty unless otherwise stated from the date of purchase , pertaining to the goods only. This does NOT cover the labour charge. Parts will be replaced free of charge but a labour charge could be incurred if parts require removal and re-fitting by a representative of Tamar Solutions. This remains at our discretion.

Any parts returned to the us under the terms of the warranty, and the faults found to be a software fault rather than hardware will be charged at a hourly rate, one hour minimum charge. Any parts returned to the company under the terms of the warranty and the fault found to be caused by the customer will be charged at a hourly rate, one hour minimum charge.

It is the responsibility of the customer to supply all software and other items that were originally supplied with the part in order to return the goods under the warranty agreement. Failure to do so could affect the warranty claim as manufacturers often demand ALL parts returned. we can not be held responsible for loss of these parts.

We will NOT be liable for the loss or damage to software programs or data during the repair or upgrade of any of the customers Computer equipment. It is the Customers responsibility to make sure they have an adequate backup of all their data before any work commences. We will, when instructed by the customer assist with the backup and protection of customer's data at the customers request which is chargeable.

Warranty will be void if the parts are tampered with in any way outside the manufacturer's guidelines.

We can not be held responsible for any delays in replacing parts returned under the terms of the warranty but all reasonable attempts will be to replace the parts as soon as possible.

Software installations are NOT guaranteed.


Buy the commissioning the services of Tamar Solutions for the purpose of computer services, you agree to be bound to these terms and conditions and agree to pay all outstanding balances incurred.

All prices are in British Pounds and are not subject to VAT.

Payment is due on receipt unless otherwise agreed with us. This can be Cash or Cheque (with a supporting guarantee card) or credit and debit cards.

A copy of these terms and conditions is available on request.