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Plymouth PC & Laptop Repairs

Tamar Solutions offer professional local computer repair services around the Plymouth, Saltash and South East Cornwall areas.

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Our home user and business services range from PC health checks to custom built computers as well as upgrades, repairs, virus and malware removal, data recovery and computer cleaning.

We can help with any problem that you may have with your PC or laptop.

Depending on the PC Repair services you require our pc repair call out service can fix onsite, you can drop-off to us or we will collect and return your system at a convenient time to you.

Our Plymouth & Saltash computer repair technicians give expert support and advice and can solve complex computer problems.

From advanced diagnostics to pc installations and software installs our local computer repair services are efficient, on-time and motivated.

PC Repairs Saltash & Plymouth

PC Repairs

We carry out computer repairs in Plymouth, Saltash and south east Cornwall. Our services include Professional PC & Laptop Repairs by experienced local technicians. We fix desktop computers, laptops and gaming PCs.

Whatever your problem we will quickly diagnose the cause and offer a solution.

Speed up your PC with Computer Upgrades

PC Upgrades

Is your computer running slowly, maybe your PC needs a memory upgrade or perhaps your hard drive is too slow to deliver results quickly enough.

Our PC upgrade service will identify bottle necks in you system and advise accordingly as to the routes to upgrade.

Get your PC health checked.

Health Checks

For peace of mind a PC health check should be carried out regularly. These checks keep in check any new issues arising within your PC.

A computer health check tests the hardware, software and electrical components of your PC. This includes an internal clean, security check and software updates.

Virus & Malware Removal services

Virus Removal

Viruses and malware can really mess up the running capability of your computer. Infections take many forms and are often hidden away from sight.

We can find and remove advanced malware and virus, identify the security breach and apply a fix.

Get your data back with our Data Recovery service

Data Recovery

If you need help to get data back after accidentally emptying the recycle bin or if your PC or laptop is dead but has important files left on it, then give us a call.

Our data recovery services can help you learn how to create future backups to prevent data loss.

Custom Bespoke Computers Built To Order.

Custom Built PCs

Need a custom spec PC built? Maybe your a gamer or a business who needs specific features a PC can offer.

Our bespoke PC build service provides researched advice and professionally built systems.

PC Tune up - Let an expert tune-up your system for peak performance and security. Our advanced PC tune-up will make your computer run like new.

Setup a New Computer System We can completely setup your new computer, including your printer, scanner, network etc. We will also train you to use the new equipment.

Our Locally based technicians have over 40 years experience in computer repairs and computer maintenance services.
We cover the local PL postcode areas including Ivybridge, Tavistock and Liskeard and most of South East Cornwall and South Devon.

Computer keep crashing?, taking ages to start?, Bandwidth problems?, Downloaded a virus?. We can fix any issue you have with your system, so no matter what the problem give us a call.

PC MOT & Service

To avoid downtime a regular computer service or health checkup is always advised. If you are suffering from annoying popups or a slow PC then now is the time to get it serviced.

Optimising the perfomance of your computer will not only make you achieve tasks quicker but will also prolong the life of your PC.

Computers soon become full of unwanted programs running on startup or simply bloated software that is hogging system resources.

Our computer services include health and security checks leave no stone unturned. We will update your computer, remove all unwanted processes and clean your system for you inside and out.

We will test to see what upgrades are required if any and advise accordingly.

Our health checks include freeing up space on your hard drive and making sure it is functioning correctly.

If you have any concerns with your PC then we will aid in rectifying those issues as part of the checkup.

We offer an advanced tune up service and requires us to put the PC on our bench for a day or so to carry out probing tests. We also carry out laptop repairs and servicing.

A brief overview of our health check services include the following.

  • Virus Scan and clean
  • Spyware scan and clean
  • Remove cached unused info, clean up hard disk
  • Defragment hard disk
  • Perform any critical updates
  • Test all hardware components (inc power supply)
  • Clean pc internally and externally
  • Check and re-seat all cables (internal)
  • Give advice on keeping system clean and protected and secure
  • Give advice on any upgrades (usually memory/hard disk)

Advanced Virus Check

Advanced detection and protection against viruses, spyware, trojans and other malware.

Scan, clean and disinfect your PC.

Speed Test & Tune-up

We perform many PC speed tests and boost your performance to the max!

Reduce task time.

Software Updates

Windows and other crucial software will be updated to keep your system running safe and current.

Stay up to date and safe from vulnerabilities.

Security Check

Deep security PC and network scans and lock downs to keep your data safe.

You can never be too secure!

System Restore Check

Make sure your PC is recoverable in case of a catastrophe and reduce the risk of system loss.

Recovery is a backup plan!

Comprehensive Hardware Checks

Find failing components before they cause major disruption. Testing hard drives, CPU, memory and more...

Advanced Diagnosis.

Valet inside & Out

Stay free of dust and keep your computer running cool and quiet.

Parts last longer!

Upgrading your PC is the best way to build up a great computing experience, whether for business, gaming or graphic design.

Upgrading components as and when you need to is the cheapest future proof method of staying current with PC Technology.

Our computer technical support team will advise on the upgrade paths available for your PC and guide you through the upgrade selection process.

Our Hardware Upgrade Services include memory and processor upgrades, power supplies, graphic and sound cards, motherboards, cooling systems and hard drives to mention some.

Upgrades are long lasting investments and your future requirements are always considered first.

We make sure to work within your budget and help you to make the right upgrade choices.

Memory (RAM)

RAM or memory upgrades can increase not only the capacity of your working memory but also the speed in which the RAM communicates with other components on the board.

Ram upgades are limited to the motherboards capabilities but can make your PC seem very fast if room allows.

Hard Drives

There are two main reasons to upgrade a hard drive on your Laptop or PC. Firstly you can add more storage space for photos and files etc.

Secondly you can increase the speed in which the hard drive transfers data to and from memory.

Graphic Cards

Modern Graphic Cards often come with large amounts of memory built in therefore freeing up your RAM. This brings great benefits to gaming, business and home user systems.

Upgrading your graphics card will give a performance boost in buffering videos and drawing graphics to your screen.


When your motherboard has been upgraded to the max it is time to consider a new one!

Many of the components you already have may be migrated to the new board.

This is not always possible but with foresight an upgrade plan should allow for this occasion.

Motherboard upgrades allow for even more capacity and abilities.


As long as your motherboard and BIOS allows your processor to be upgraded then system performance will be enhanced by an upgrade.

For speed to be increased depends on the speed of other components on the board such as the RAM.

A processor upgrade can be an expensive venture and involve upgrading other components such as the motherboard and cooling system.

PC Fans & Coolers

The more your PC works the more heat is created which in turn can lead to freezing and eratic behavior.

The only answer is to tune the cooling system on your PC. This can include fans, gas and liquid cooled systems.

Cooling a PC correctly when overclocking is vital for success!

Power Supplies

Adding new computer parts or upgrading computer parts can lead to more wattage or amps being required.

This leads to strange system errors such as spontaneous rebooting. We can test your system and advise when your power supply is a necessary upgrade.

Another reason to upgrade your computers power supply is noise. Often better designed units are very quiet and have a higher economic efficiency.

Sound Cards

Sound is a personal experience and there are many reasons to upgrade.

For musicians it may be clarity and precision, for movie buffs it could be features such as surround sound.

A superior sound card will make recording higher clarity too.

Some sound cards allow you to connect to your HI-FI system for a deeper experience.

PC Tower Units

If your tower unit has become crowded then upgrading may be the next option.

If a larger unit is available then you can open yourself up to more components in the future and perhaps get a fancy unit at the same time.

A good tower case will give better cooling abilities too!

We can also install and fit new DVD and Blue Ray Drives in Plymouth or any other Interface Card you have! Whatever your PC requirements our local onsite computer repair services are here to help.

Cyber Security

Malware comes in many forms and the term generally refers to any software or script that is malicious or works against the users best interests.

These programs are created by hackers who wish to either make money from adverts, steal your information and even your computer resources.

Some malware like trojan horses, worms and botnets slow your computer down dramatically, are often hard to detect by the user and require deep system scans to find.

Our deep virus & malware removal service, scans not only the file system but also your memory, registry and boot sector for a more protected PC.

Vishing, Phishing, Whaling and Smishing are on the rise and can often lead to unwanted software being installed or credentials leaked.

These kinds of attacks use advanced methods of deciet to trick users into giving away information, either via the phone, emails or SMS. We can advise and help protect you from such attacks.

With so many different malware trying to gain access to your sensitive data it is important to get regular checks as anti-virus software often do not remove all threats.

Our Plymouth Cyber security services are thorough and we use many methodologies often overlooked by even the best engineers.

Virus Infections

Self replicating Viruses that live within your web browser, windows itself or your memory hit performance and increase security risks.

Disinfect and remove offenders.


Spyware is unwanted software that infiltrates your computer and steals your internet usage data, passwords and other personal credentials.

Cybercrime is a crime!


Adware is a script usually caught from the web that displays advertisements on your computer and redirects your search requests to advertising websites.

Adblockers do not remove Adware!


A Rootkit is a very hard to detect malicious software used to gain administrator level access to your computer or network, hijacking your PC and identity.

Who is using your PC?

Trojan Horses

Disguised as other software and unlike a virus, Trojan horses do not replicate themselves but they can be just as destructive and can impair computer usage.

Greek Odyssey


Cybercriminals that create trojans like Cryptowall, Cryptolocker and TeslaCrypt hold to ransom their victims and ask for payments often via BitCoin.

Do Not Pay!


Keyloggers literally log every stroke on your keyboard giving the hacker all your information via the web.

Found one? Disconnect now!

Data Recovery

Whether you have emptied your recycle bin of important files, photos or MP3 music etc. Even if you have formatted your hard drive, forgotten your password or a virus has corrupted your file system then we can help.

Although there is never a guarantee that your lost data can be recovered, most data can be recovered using our sophisticated data recovery hardware and software accompanied by our in depth hacking techniques!

A brief overview of our health check services include the following.

Sometimes your data may not be accessible due to various easily fixed physical problems such as a broken cable or bent pins. Other more serious data loss can be due to a hard drives internal parts being broken or damaged.

We will advise you on best practices to stop future losses such as using cloud hosting services or backup devices and we can show you how to use these technologies effectively.

Here are some common causes of data loss but you may have a differrent issue so please get in touch and we will see if we can help recover your data.

Misuse or environmental damage

Dropped your hard drive or got it wet? Maybe you knocked your system and shocked the hard drive...

Backup before you do!.

Mains Power Surge

It is common knowledge that a power surge can kill electronic parts. This includes on your hard drive PCB too!

Consider a surge protector.

Recycle Bin emptied?

If your recycle bin has been emptied or files were deleted in error do not defragment your drive, but do give us a call.

The recycle bin is not your last chance!

Incorrectly Formatted Hard drives

An incorrectly formatted hard drive can seem like the end of your data. Do not despair as this is not usually the case.

There is a way to unformat...

Forgotten or Lost Passwords

Loosing or forgetting your password does not mean that your data cannot be accessed. Usually we can recover your account too!

Open Sesame :)

Corrupted File System

A corrupted file system or boot sector can stop windows starting and cause further corruption leading to loss of data.

Corrupt systems always fail!..

Laptop Repairs

We fix all laptop problems including SSD hard drives, cpus fans, memory and laptop screen repair. Whether your laptop is running slow or overheating we can help.

Our experienced and qualified laptop repair technicians carry out cal-out and work-shop computer repairs to home computer users and small business users alike.

Tamar Solutions offers many business and home computer services including Plymouth computer repairs. Our procudures are laid out below.

You Call and tell us about your desktop, laptop or network issues you experiencing and we will resolve the problem.

We can visit at a convenient time or you can to bring your business computers to us. We can visit your Business office and fix all desktops and laptops.

We cover the whole of the area including :

PL1 Plymouth, Devonport, The Hoe, Millbridge, Stoke, Stonehouse Plymouth
PL2 Beacon Park, Ford, Keyham, North Prospect, Pennycross, Home Park
PL3 Efford, Hartley, Laira, Mannamead, Milehouse, Peverell, Higher Compton Plymouth
PL4 Barbican, Lipson, Mount Gould, Mutley, Prince Rock, St. Judes Plymouth
PL5 Crownhill, Ernesettle, Honicknowle, Whitleigh, St. Budeaux, Tamerton Foliot Plymouth
PL6 Derriford, Eggbuckland, Estover, Leigham, Roborough, Southway
PL9 Plymstock, Elberton, Sherford near Plymouth, Modbury, Yealmpton
PL12 Saltash, Hatt, Landrake, St Germans, Tideford, Trerulefoot Cornwall
We also serve Callington, Liskeard, Looe, Torpoint, Tavistock, Ivybridge, Yelverton, Launceston & Bodmin

We will get your desktops, laptops fixed and in addition to that we provide a 3 month satisfaction guarantee!, we can arrange collection of your hardware.

You can contact our computer support services on 01752 846168